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Mr. Lane’s Maggot

3 couple longways set, proper

  A1  8 1s short cast to middle place, 2s moving up
        1s lead down through 3s & cast back to middle place
        1s set
  A2: 8 1s Short cast to 3rd pl
        Lead to the top
        Cast to middle pl
        2s Wait 8 counts Cast to 3rd pl
        3s Lead up to middle pl
           Cast back to bottom
           Lead to the top
  B1 8 Left diagonals, L-hand turn once
       Right diagonals, R-hand turn once ending :
       1s & 3s in a line of 4 facing up, 1s in middle (3rd man
       finishes his R-hand turn & moves straight out to the end
       of line on the men’s side); 2s facing up, standing below
       the line of 4
  B2 8 Line of 4 & 2s both lead up a double & fall back
       3s gate the 1s ¾ round into 2nd place while 2s turn 2-
       [[order is 3-1-2]] 

Notes: A2 is confusing as written in that it separates all the pieces by couple.

Another view of A2: 1st 4 bars are egg-beaters for C1 and C3 at the bottom.(C1 cast while C3 lead, then C3 cast while C1 lead).

last 4 bars of A2: C1 don't stop, but keep going in lead to top and cast to 2nd place, while C2 (at top) cast to bottom, C3 follow C1 to top.

*Mr. Lane’s Maggot 3 2/2 Dm Andrew Shaw Interpretation

 A1        1st couple cast down one place, 2nd couple moving up, 
           lead down through 3rd couple and cast up 
           to 2nd place, and set.
 A2        1st couple cast down one place and lead back up 
           as 3rd couple lead up and cast down.
           1st couple lead to top and cast back to 2nd place 
           as 2nd couple cast to bottom of set
           and 3rd couple lead to top of set. 
           (Progression: 3 1 2)
 B1        L diagonals (1st woman and 2nd man, 
           1st man and 3rd woman) L-hand turn.
           R diagonals R-hand turn, ending with 1st 
           and 3rd couples in a line of 
           four facing up, 1st couple in middle, 
           3rd couple on the ends, all proper
 B2        All (the line of four and also the 2nd couple) 
           lead up a double and fall back.
           3rd couple gate 1st couple ¾ around into 
           2nd place, while 2nd couple two-hand turn.
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