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Mr Chopin's Waltz


A1&2 Set, Petronella turn, circle; repeat

A1   1-4  With hands joined in circle of four, 
          all set right and left, 
          then let go and move to the right  one place around the 
          minor set while turning single to the right (“Petronella Turn”).
     5-8 All circle left three-quarters, 
         ending diagonally across from original place.
A2   1-8 Repeat from new position: set, move right with Petronella turn, 
         then circle three-quarters to end in original place, 
         facing original neighbor.

B1 Weave [Two changes of straight hey] & Serpentine; repeat

B1 1-2 Weave: Neighbors pass right, then with new neighbor pass left 
       (similar to two changes of straight hey along the line).
   3-4 Serpentine: Men cast back halfway around this minor set and 
       women follow partner to trade places with these new neighbors 
       and face original neighbors. 
       End in original minor set, diagonally across or halfway 
       around from original place.
   5-8 Repeat from new position: weave past the minor set, 
       then cast or follow to original place.
       All in original place, facing original neighbor

B2 Star on one side, then the other and pass through

B2 1-4 Right-hand star once around, 
       opening at end to face neighbors on the other side.
   5-8 With other neighbors star left once around (7 bars), 
       then open out to face original neighbors at home and 
       pass original neighbor by right shoulder to progress 
       to new minor set
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