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Colin Hume, 1996 3 couple set, longways

(Dances with a difference, vol 4)

Part   Bars   Description
A1      4     2's lead 3/4 of a double figure 8 with the 1's, 
              ending in a line of 4 facing up, 2's in the middle, 
              1's improper
        2     All lead up a double and back (the 3's as a couple)
        2     1's assist 2's to cast up to original place (gate), 
              1's ending improper while 3's 2-hand turn once around
A2      8     2's repeat A1 with 3's, ending with the 1's and 
              3's improper
B1      4     All circle left 1/2 way (9 steps), 
              then fall back into lines (3 steps)
        4     Partners set towards each other & all 2-hand turn partner 1/2
B2      2     Top 2 men cross by R shoulder
        2     Top 2 women cross by R shoulder
        2     Both ends cross with partner R shoulder (all now proper)
        2     All turn single upwards (men L, women R)


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