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Miss Sayers' Allemand

As in “The Playford Ball”
Longways for 3 couples

   A1 1-4 1st couple cast down to bottom of set, 
          then cast back up to 2nd place, 
          2nd couple moving up on bars 3-4.
      5-8 1st couple turn two-hands three-quarters, 
          1st woman ending between 2nd couple facing down, 
          1st man between 3rd couple, facing up.
   A2 1-4 Taking hands in lines of three across the hall, 
          step on left foot and swing right across {step-swing}, 
          step on right, swing left. Repeat step-swings.
      5-8 1st woman move directly to stand between 2nd and 3rd women, 
          1st man move between men: take hands in lines facing across 
          the set and repeat step-swings.
   B1 1-8 Circle six-hands and back, slipping.
   B2 1-4 Partners turn right-hands.
      5-8 1st couple cast down to bottom of set while 2nd and 3rd 
          couples turn left-hands, 2nd couple at top, 
          3rd couple moving up center while turning.
   Repeat dance twice more.


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