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(3 couple duple long, 2/4 ??F5)

   A1  1-8  C1 cast 2s move up,   C1 & C3  4H round
   A2       C1 cast up 2s down, C1 & C2 4H round
   B1  1-8  2H with partners (e.g., crossed in front)
            and do straight hey
            C1 face down, C2 and C2 face up
            1s pass R shoulder with 2s
   C1       C2 followed by C1 lead down thru C3 and cast up to top, C1 to 
            middle place
   C2       C1 and C3 3 changes of circular hey
            All turn partners     order now 2 3 1 ??


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