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Mile of Smiles

dup min proper AAB 2/2

from Joseph Pimentel’s Goldcrest Collection

A1 (1-8) First Corners set forward, 
         turn single back to place, 2 hand turn.
A2 (1-8) Second Corners repeat 
B (1-4)  Lady 1 cast down, leading Ptr to 2nd place, 
         improper while Cpl 2 move up on bars 3-4
   (5-8) Nbrs R-hand turn 1x
   (9-12) Lady 2 cast down leading Ptr to 2nd place improper, 
          while Cpl 1 move up on bars 11-12
   (13-16) All star R halfway (all now prog’d & proper);  
           all TS to L
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