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Midwinter Maggot

2010 Gary Roodman
Tune by Jonathan Jensen 2010


duple LW 2/2 [Dm]

A1 1‐4 All up a dbl and back
   5‐8 1s cast off one place, meet in middle of line of 4, 
       WHILE 2s lead up, cast off onto the ends of the line
A2 1‐4 Line of 4 up a dbl and back, bending the line 
       (all are progressed and proper)
   5‐8 All circle 1⁄2‐way, and pass RS with Ptr (to home place) into:
B1 1‐4 Single‐file circle CW 1⁄2‐way round; all turn sgl L
   5‐8 Single‐file circle CCW 1⁄2‐way round; all turn sgl R 
       (all are home)
B2 1‐8 Beginning with Ptr, 2 changes of R and L; 
       Ptrs BH turn 1 1⁄2 
       (ending facing up to begin again)
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