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Duple minor improper
Orly L. Krasner, 2001

A1 1-4  Men left-hand turn once around. 
   5-8  Men cross the set, going counter clockwise behind partner to trade places. 
A2 1-4  Women right-hand turn once around. 
   5-8  Women cross the set, going clockwise behind opposite to trade places. 
          All progressed but crossed over. 
B1 1-4  Partners straight poussette clockwise halfway (women go forward to start). 
   5-8  Neighbors gypsy right shoulder once around. All home but crossed over. 
B2 1-4  Neighbors draw poussette clockwise halfway around the circle to progressed 
        places (women go forward). 
   5-8  Partners gypsy right shoulder once around.


Named for the novel by George Eliot published in 1871-2, and widely considered one of the finest works of fiction in the English language.

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