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Michael and All Angels

by Fried Herman Longways for as many as will

   A1   6   First corners gypsy.
        6   First man cast down, around second man, as second lady casts up,
            around first lady.
       12   First corners meet and turn left hands, falling into each other's place.
   A2  24   Second corners gypsy left and cast and turn right hands, as before.
            All now improper
   B    6   Right hands across, half-way.
        6   First corners (originals) change places with chassez.
        6   Left hands across, half-way.
        6   Turn single.
   C   12   Circle in single file (clockwise) until all proper.
       12   Half pousette (First man fall back, second man forward.)
            (All now in beginning places).
   D    6   Partners balance forward and back.
        6   First couple cast, second couple lead up.
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