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Merry Makers Jubilee

3 Couple Longways

A  1-4      1st couple set, cross over passing right shoulders and cast
            down outside 2nd couple who move up.
   5-8      1st couple gates down through 3rd couple.
   9-12     1st couple œ figure of eight down through 3rd couple.
   13-16    1st couple gates up through 2nd couple.
B  1-8      1st couple in the middle divide, lady up man down for a reels 
            of three across the set with 2nd and 3rd couples respectively.
   9-16     1st couple change ends and repeat the reels of three.
C  1-4      1st and 3rd couples right hand star at the bottom.
   5-8      1st and 2nd couples left hand star at the top.
   9-12     1st and 3rd couples three changes of a circular hey starting 
            with partner.
   13-16    All two hand turn partners once around.
   Progression:     2-3-1                         Repeat 2 times.


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