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The Merry Conclusion

or Mr. Kynaston's Famous Dance
Source: Twenty Four New Country Dances for the Year 1716 ..dedicated to Walkin Williams ..Natl. Kynaston. London. J. Walsh, J. Hare, 1716
Walsh reprintcd the dance in The Compleat Country Dancing-Master 1718 (and in the 1731 and 1735 editions) under the title Prince and Princess and although John Young kept the title The Merry Conclusion in the 3rd and 4th editions of The Dancing Master: Vol. the Second 1718/19 and 1728. in The Third Volume 1726, he called it The Assembly.
Form: Longways, duple minor (original: triple minor)

 A1   1-2    Single file circle L. half round.
      3-4    Moving into the centre, clap once and turn S. L. back out.
 A2   1-2    Single file circle R. half round back to place.
      3-4    Moving into the centre, clap once and turn S. R. back out.
 B1   1-4    1st cpl. cross down through 2nd cpl. (3 steps), move down outsidc the
             cpl. below who move up (3 steps), cross over R. below that cpl. (3 steps)
             and turn R. to face (3 steps).
 B2   1-4    1st cpl. cross up through the cpl. above (3 steps), move up outside
             original 2nd cpl. who move back down (3 steps). cross over L. (3 steps)
             and turn L. to tace (3 steps) in original place.
 C1   1-2    1st man & 2nd wo. go forward to meet and fall back.
      3-4    1st man & 2nd wo. 2-hand turn.
 C2   1-4    1st wo. & 2nd man repeat.

 D1   1-4    Facing centre, all set R. & L. (not moving forward) then cnrs. cross
             simultaneously (clumps).
 D2   1-2    Hands 4. circle L. half round.
      3-4    1st cpl. cast down into 2nd place, 2nd cpl. Leading up into 1st place.

Note: In B1 and B2, 1st cpl. at the bottom of the set use the neutral cpl. or imagine one as the cpl. below/above.

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