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Merry Andrew

3C set

A1  1-2  C1 & C2 Rh across 1/2 way
    3-4  C1 & C2 Turn single L
    5-6  C1 & C2 LH across 1/2 way
    7-8  C1 & C2 Turn single R
A2  1-8  C2 and C3 do same as A1
B1  1-4  M1 & W2 set and pass R, M2 and W3 same (Typo in Maggot Pie)
    5-8  M2 followed by M1 cross below M3 and cast to top man's place, 
         while W2 followed by W3 cross above W1 and cast to bottom 
         woman's place
B2  1-4  C1 set (not forward) and pas R, C3 same
    5-8  M1 followed by M3 cross above M2 and cast to bottom man's place, 
         while W3 followed by W1 cross below W2 to top woman's place 
              End    W3  W1  W2
                     M2  M3  M1

Source: Maggot Pie


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