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Merry Andrew

3C set

A1  1-2  C1 & C2 Rh across 1/2 way
    3-4  C1 & C2 Turn single L
    5-6  C1 & C2 LH across 1/2 way
    7-8  C1 & C2 Turn single R
A2  1-8  C2 and C3 do same as A1
B1  1-4  M1 & W2 set and pass R, M2 and W3 same (Typo in Maggot Pie)
    5-8  M2 followed by M1 cross below M3 and cast to top man's place, 
         while W2 followed by W3 cross above W1 and cast to bottom 
         woman's place
B2  1-4  C1 set (not forward) and pas R, C3 same
    5-8  M1 followed by M3 cross above M2 and cast to bottom man's place, 
         while W3 followed by W1 cross below W2 to top woman's place 
              End    W3  W1  W2
                     M2  M3  M1

Source: Maggot Pie


The Merry Andrew

Three couple longways mixer, A Minor, 2/2 Maggot Pie, Marjorie Heffer and William Porter (EFDSS), 1932; reprinted 1979.

  A1 1-2  1st and 2nd couples right hands across halfway.
     3-4  All turn single.
     5-6  Same four left hands across halfway.
     7-8  All turn single.
  A2 1-8  2nd and 3rd couples the same.
  B1 1-4  Dancers on the right diagonal (1st man and 2nd
          woman, 2nd man and 3rd woman) set in place, then
          cross by right shoulder.
     5-8  2nd man, followed by 1st man, cross below and
          around 3rd man to top man's place, while 2nd woman,
          followed by 3rd woman, cross above and around 1st
          woman to bottom woman's place (following dancers
          end in middle place). Order is now: top 2M 1W 1M 3W
          3M 2W
  B2 1-4  Dancers on the left diagonal (1st man and 1st
          woman, 3rd man and 3rd woman) set in place, then
          cross by right shoulder.
     5-8  1st man, followed by 3rd man, cross above and
          around 2nd man to bottom man's place, while 3rd
          woman, followed by 1st woman, cross below and
          around 2nd woman to top woman's place. Order is
          now: top 2M 3W 3M 1W 1M 2W

NOTES Al, 2 ln Maggot Pie, the turns single are noted as being to the right after right hands across, and to the left after left hands across. We have been doing them the other way! B1, 2 There is no facing back in to the set by the pairs that cross on the diagonals. Simply continue forward into the loop around the standing dancer.

A pleasant and most uncomplicated dance! Middle couple in any round has the extra pleasure dancing the entire A music, above, and then below. All to a sweet tune.


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