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(Playford 1628 6/8 duple)

A  1-4   C1 and C2 set fwd to partner and turn S back to place
   5-8   H4 once round
B  1-4  C1 lead down D and back up D
   5-8  C1 cast down around 2s who move up


4 Couple Longways 1's and 3's improper

A1 1-4   Do-Si-Do partner 1œ times (face out).
   5-8   Middles gate post the ends round, so ends are now in the middle.
A2 1-4   New middles œ ladies chain across, while the ends move in to form a square.
   5-8   All four ladies chain œ way.
B1 1-4   New head ladies flutter wheel
   5-8   All circle eight œ way.
B2 1-4   New heads lead in and with opposite, lead out through the sides and cast round one.
   5-8   Lines go forward and back.
   Progression:     2-4-1-3                         Repeat 3 times.   

(version from I Larkin 140106)

The Mary and Dorothy

duple Playford 1728

A1 1-4	1st and 2nd.Cs set fwd. to ptn. and turn S back to place.
   5-8	4-h once round.
B  1-4	1stC lead down D and back up D into--
   5-6	1stC cast down, 2ndC lead up.

( note the music in Barnes gives a B2 but Sharp's interpretation does not. Could add something like 1stC 1/2 fig. up and turn 2-h 1/2 way - I tried to find a video of it but the video wouldn't come up and it certainly isn't very interesting as is.) music -

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