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3 Co longset
Matthew Welch 1767

A1   1st Co 1/2 fig 8 down through 2nd Co, 
     then lead down through 3rd Co & cast up
     to middle place (improper);
A2   1st Co 1/2 fig 8 down through 3rd Co, 
     then lead up through 2nd Co(at top) &
     cast back to middle place (proper):
B1   1st Co (Man down, Wo up) each hands 3 L 
     once round, then with Man up, Wo down, 
     hands 3 L again, finishing in 2nd place improper;
B2   1-4  1st & 2nd Cos Draw poussette once round fast (Men pulling),
     5-8  1st Co turn 1 1/2 to bottom place (Tulloch hold), 
          3rd Co moving/casting up.
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