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Maiden Lane

Playford, 1651

sets of three couples. 4/4

   1-4      f&bD, that again
   5-6      everyone facing men's wall, f&bD
   7-8      f&bD, ending with M facing W
   9-12    set and TS, that again
   13-16  siding
   17-18  fall back two steps and change places, passing left shoulders
   19-20  (17-18) repeat
   21-24  (9-12)  set and TS, that again
   25-28  arming
   29       M#1 and W#2 change places
   30       W#1 and M#2 change places while C#3 switches
   31       M#1 and W#3 change places
   32       W#1 and M#3 change places while C#2 switches
   33-36  (9-12) set and TS, that again
   dance repeats twice with new couple in front


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