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The Lover’s Knot

Or, The Diamond Jubilee

By Jim Kitch, Philadelphia, PA

Published in GEMS, 1993

Formation: Longways duple minor IMPROPER

Tune: Black and Grey (also used for Trip to Kilburn), Dancing Master 7 th Edition, 1686

Meter: 2/2

Key: Am

A1 1-4 W1 move down the center & up the outside to place,
       M1 move down the outside & up the center to place
       W2 move up the center & down the outside,
       M2 move up the outside and down the center to place.
   5-8 Half-poussette, women pushing to start.
A2 1-4 Circle L three-quarters.
   5-8 Turn partner (Val’s note: along the line!) 
       with 2 hands once & a half around
       and open facing in.
B1 1-8 Hey for 4, men passing L shoulders to start. 
       End facing partner (7 changes).
B2 1-4 R shoulder gypsy with partner once & a half around.
       (Val’s “anchor” note: gypsy starts on same side of 
        set where dancers started hey.)
   5-8 L hands across, women join in behind their partner.


The author notes that partners should maintain eye contact throughout the A1 figure, which is similar to the end of Mad Robin. Dancers moving through the center pass face to face.

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