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Lover's Farewell

Pat Shaw from “New Wine in Old Bottles”

Longways for 3 couples, progressive.

   A1  1-4  M1 & W3 RH turn 1*
       5-8  M1 and W3 continue outside to each other's place WHILE
            W1 and M3 LH turn 1*
   A2  1-4  3 men LH star 1+ time, while women same
       5-8  M1 and W3 pass back to back into other star, and turn
            to original place ??
   B1  1-8  Circle left
   B2  1-8  Heys on side. M1 & M2 R shoulder, W2 & W3 same. 
   C1  1-4  C1 cross and down, C2 up
       5-8  C1 1/2 fig. 8 down through C3
       9-16 C1 and C2 face up, C3 down, Morris Hey (??explain)
   C2  1-8  C3 cast up, C1 move down to third place, 
            C3 cross R shoulder, continue up outside C2, down
            middle to 2nd place, crossing to own side (women in
       9-16 All Double Hey, C1 pass inside C3 to start
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