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Love and A Bottle

Longways set, 3 couple N. Kynaston 1710.

A1	1-8	1st woman figure 8 through 2nd couple, while 1st man figure 8 through 2nd & 3rd men,
 		1st man handing 1st woman into the figure, to places, finishing close
A2	1-4	1st couple fall back, then short cast down into 2nd place, 2nd couple leading up
	5-8	Lines of 3 set forward and turn single away
B1	1-4	1st couple cross R and face down, into 1st man & 3rd woman Right hand turn once
 			round, while 1st woman & 3rd man Left hand turn once round, into
	5-8	1st man & 2nd woman Left hand turn 1 1/2 round, while 1st woman & 2nd man Right
 			hand turn 1 1/2 round, 1st couple finishing in 1st place improper
B2	1-4	1st couple set, then cross R and turn R to face
	5-8	1st couple clap own hands once, then cast down to 3rd place,
		2nd & 3rd couples leading up


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