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Composed and choreographed by Orly Krasner
Duple minor longways, 1s improper

These instructions drawn from the video by JN.

A1 1-2  “Two Cousins” siding: Partners side left shoulder (Sharp-style), 
	curving in to end right shoulder to right shoulder. 
   3-4  Partners gypsy right shoulder three quarters to trade places 
   5-8  Circle 4 left once around
A2 1-2  “Two Cousins” siding: Neighbours side right shoulder (Sharp-style), 
	curving in to end left shoulder to left shoulder. 
   3-4  Neighbors gypsy left shoulder three quarters to trade places. 
   5-8  Circle four to the right once around, All progressed and crossed over. 
B1 1-4  Partners straight poussette counterclockwise halfway (men go forward to start) 
   5-8  Partners draw poussete counterclockwise halfway (women go forward). 
B2 1-8  Full open ladies’ chain. (Men should complete the final turn 
        before beginning the next round, in what Scottish dancers call “polite turn”)


Teaching tip: It is important to stress that dancers maintain eye contact in the “Two Cousins” siding, so that the direction of the circles will feel inevitable.

Note: In Wil van den Berg's dance “Two Cousins” (published in Dutch Crossing, 1993), she calls this “one-quarter siding” and describes it as follows: “With partner start as in Cecil Sharp siding, curving in to finish right shoulder to right shoulder with partner…. Use four steps, close with right foot on the fifth and pause on the sixth.”

I wrote this dance for Lucy Weinstein when she celebrated the 21“ anniversary of her 29'” birthday. The opening figure fits her style of dancing perfectly both graceful and flirtatious! Lucy is also an MD, so the title is both a birthday wish and a comment on her other life.

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