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Composed and choreographed by Orly Krasner



These instructions drawn from the video by JN.

A1 1-2  “Two Cousins” siding: Partners side left shoulder (Sharp-style), 
	curving in to end right shoulder to right shoulder. 
   3-4  Partners gypsy right shoulder three quarters to trade places 
   5-8  Circle 4 left once around
A2 1-2  “Two Cousins” siding: Neighbours side right shoulder (Sharp-style), 
	curving in to end left shoulder to left shoulder. 
   3-4  Neighbors gypsy left shoulder three quarters to trade places. 
   5-8  Circle four to the right once around, All progressed and crossed over. 
B1 1-4  Partners straight poussette counterclockwise halfway (men go forward to start) 
   5-8  Partners draw poussete counterclockwise halfway (women go forward). 
B2 1-8  Full open ladies’ chain. (Men should complete the final turn 
        before beginning the next round, in what Scottish dancers call “polite turn”)
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