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The Lincolnshire Poacher

Form: 3 couple sets Music: “Turn Off Six” (English Country Dancing for Young Folk)

	1-8	Grimstock hey (1stC inside 2ndC & outside 3rdC, etc)
		plus one more change, finishing with 1stC in middle place
		& 2ndC at the top.

	9-16	1stC & 3rdC circle L & back (slip step).

	17-24	Double cast to L, led by 2ndC
		(change-hop step).

	25-32	1stC & 2ndC R & Lh across.

	33-40	1stM half fig 8 through 3rdC then through 2ndC
		WHILE 1stW half fig 8 through 2ndC then through 3rdC
		(change-hop step).

	41-48	1stC 7 2ndC circular hey, 4 changes beginning with ptnr,
		& 1stC pass outside 3rdC who move up.
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