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Leslie’s Valentine

Scott Higgs (for Leslie Talon)

Longways, Duple minor

Music: Miss Grace Hay’s Delight (32 bar jig)

Sheet music is available in Peter Barnes’ collection of English Dance Tunes (the “Red Book”)

These instructions based on Scott's

A1 1-4	   W1 set advancing to M2 (setting optional, Scott suggests he 
           just admires). Both turn single (right).

   5-8	   W1 casts down the outside behind W2, then dances across the 
           set with M2 following her. W2 moves up to accommodate. Phrase 
           ends with W1 in M2 place, M2 in W2 place.

A2 9-12	   All face Partner (up & down): Set and turn single.

   13-16   Men dance across set and continue to loop around (clockwise, 
           as before) followed by partner. (Single file circle left 3/4) 
           End with C1 below, proper, and C2 above, improper.

B1 17-20   C1 dance a Mad Robin path around C2 (who stand still). 
           M1 begins by moving up outside, then dances down the center. 
           W1 woman begins moving up the middle, then loops down the outside.

   21-24   All turn Partner with both hands; 1* for C1, who then face up. 
           1/2 for C2, who cast out to the ends of a line of 4. Phrase ends 
           with the C1 in middle of a line of 4 facing up (all proper).

B2 25-28   Line of 4 moves up the hall and falls back – staying in 
           line facing up

   29-32   All set (facing up). C2 gate the C1 up the center and around 
           to progressed places.

Scott's page includes teaching notes

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