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Leading Man, The

Loretta Holz in 2005
Proper duple minor dance.

 A1 1-4 1st couple half figure eight through 2nd couple with 
        first man going first                                
    5-8 1st man turns partner by right hand once around  
 A2 1-4 1st man turns 2nd woman by left hand once around    
    5-8 1st man turns 2nd man by right hand once around 
 B1 1-4 1st man dances down the centre followed by 1st woman.
        2nd couple step up                                   
    5-6 1st man turns around and notices 1st woman. 1st      
        couple 2-hand turn to finish proper, facing up       
    7-8 1st couple lead up to second place   
 B2 1-4 All four circle left once around                     
    5-8 All back-to-back with partner
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