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LAURA’S WALTZ—duple improper longways (3/4) (Am)
Choreographers: David Macemon and Cynthia Stenger
Composer: Bob Pasquarello (L is for ...)
Written to celebrate the marriage of Laura Robertson & David Gorzsas
Recording: Boston Centre Series, vol. X, by Bare Necessities

A1  1-4  R-hd. star once round.
      5  All turn out to the L, into
    6-8  Ptnrs. L-sh. gypsy once round.

A2 1-4 L-hd. star once round.

      5  All turn out to the R, into
    6-8  Ptnrs. R-sh. gypsy once round.

B 1-8 Ptnrs. wtz. 1 1⁄4 around other cu. (leaving 1st cu. on man’s side/2nd cu. on we’s. side).

    9-12 We. pass R-sh. into a half-hey across the set.
   13-16 Ladies’ chain halfway (to prog. places).


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