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Original music appears to be “We will down with the French” (30 years' war patriotic song).

From John Garden:

Lasses of Portsmouth to the tune for 'Fete Champetre'

A triple minor dance from Thompson which found its way into the Apted collection.

   A1 1s 2h Turn your Part. all the way and cast off into second place while 
      2s move up & hands 4 with the 3.d Cu. below
   A2 1s 2h turn again all the way cast up to top of set & hands 4 at top with 2s
   B1 1s lead thro' the 3.d Cu. & cast up into middle then lead up thro' the top and 
      cast off to finish in middle place
   B2 & 1s Right and Left all the way around with 2s above

Although the dance is only discernible in the cabinet mirror behind the talking actors, is can be followed (up to the point when, curiously, there is a moment when the A part of the tune is repeated a third time - doubtlessly the result of some editing).

If you want to try the actual dance which went to the tune 'Fete Champetre' in Thompson's Compleat Collection, vol.4, 1780, try this reconstruction:


 A1 Turn your Part. right-hand with 8 walking steps or 4 travelling steps then left hand turn same
 A2 Just 1s lead down the middle with 8 walking steps up again & cast off with 8 skipping or travelling steps
 B1 The 1st lead up while 2s take hand behind them, and then go left as a couple, followed by 2d & 3d Cu. Promenade quite round till back in original position
 B2 Cast off one Cu. so, with 8 walking or 4 travelling steps, 1s return to middle progressed position & quickly right & left at top to go, with just 2 walking steps or 1 travelling step for each of 4 sides, all the way around and back into progressed p
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