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Larkin Grace

Chris Sackett and Brooke Friendly 2005
Square for Four Couples
Tune: Larkin Grace

A 1-2   Heads: opposites advance setting to change places by L-shoulder (end facing out)
  3-4   Heads: turn individually Over R shoulder into 2-hand turn halfway with opposite
       (end in middle of square, in front of home place)
  5-8   Heads circle 4-hands to left three quarters, and (on bar 8) pass original opposite
        by R shoulder to face sides in two parallel lines of 4
  9-16  L shoulder heys for 4 in each line into...
B 1-4   Heads R hands across once round in middle while side dancers (as individuals)
        orbit the set CCW halfway round
  5-8   Heads, with nearest sides, L-hands across once round
  9-12  Those foursome begin a broken circle to right: the 2nd diagonal of the side couple  
        leads the foursome from a small circle into a big circle three quarters around so all
        couples have progressed one place CCW from original place (ending with side
        couples in head couple positions)
  13-16 Partners L-hand turn once round  
Repeat the dance from new positions (original sides active in head positions)


Music: O Son do ar by Bieito Romero
Teaching points:
A bar 9-16 the parallel lines for the heys are across the middle of the set.
A bar 16 for heads: last pass of hey by R-shoulder is almost a half gypsy with original opposite to get into the R-hands across.
B bars 1-4: for sides orbiting the set the 2 diagonal is in front of partner.
B bars 9-12: the open circle of 4 (hands joined except for the leader) quickly unwinds into the broken circle of 8; it should look and feel like a real circle even though not all hands are joined.
Originally written for Larkin Sackett as a Scottish strathspey and published in first volume of dances, it works equally well as a waltz.

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