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(Hillgrove 1864)

   Square formation                   1
                                   3     4
 Part 1: La Dorset  (6/8   104??)
   8 bars rev??
 A 1-4  Head cpls fwd and back with hands
   5-8  Fwd again and turn opposite 2 hands to place
 B 1-8  1st couple cross with opposite going inside
          with hands over and back outside ??
 C  1-4  all fwd to corners and back
    5-8  fwd and turn 2 hands to place
      Dance repeats with other couples leading.
 Part 2: La Victoria (2/4)
     Intro 8 bars
 A 1-4  Head cpls fwd and back
   5-8  Fwd and M retires, leading W facing them ??
 B 1-4  4 chassez steps Rt., back Lt
   5-8  turn partners 2 hands to place, but sides
          fall back to join them (4 facing 4)
 C 1-4  all fwd and back
   5-8  all turn partner 2 hands to place
     (Note: lines across 1st and second times, up and down 3rd and 4th)
 Part 3: Les Moulinets (6/8)
     Intro 8 bars
 A 1-4  slow fwd and back
   5-8 fwd, rev to opposite on pause, and back ??
 B 1-4 4 ladies Rt hand start, while M walk to rt
   5-8 W Lt hand star while M walk back to Lt, turning
         partner by Rt hand to place at end. 
         (Could substitute ladies chain??)
 Part 4: Les Visites (6/8)
        ?? boring -- no instructions
   Part 5: Les Lanciers (2/4)
    A Trumpet intro (1-8) Rev. ??
 A1      Grand chain start Rt with corners
    1-4  4 changes, keep partners Lt hand
    5-8  grand rev.
 A2     continue home
         3 chords   C1 turn to face up
                    C3 turn in behind them
                    C4 turn in behind them
                   (C2 already in line)
 B1 1-2  all 4 chassez W left in FRONT of ptnrs, M rt.
    3-4  1 step fwd, 1 step back
    5-8  repeat in opposite direction to starting position in line
 B2 1-8  C1 cast all follow bac to place (in columns), facing partners
 B3      all fwd double and back, then turn partner Rt hand back home
       (to square formation ??)


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