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Du Min Rich Galloway 1989

A1    1-5   1st Man & 2nd Wo cast L round neighbours, 
            pass Lsh in middle & cast R into each 
            other's place;
A2    1-5   1st Wo & 2nd Man cast R round own partner, 
            pass Rsh in middle & cast L into each other's 
            place: (All now progressed & improper)
B1    1-4   Partners facing, Hey 3 changes into line of 
            4 facing up, 2nd Co in middle & all improper;
      5-8   Line falls back (6), comes forward (3), & 
            all turn alone to face down:
B2    1-4   Line falls back up set (6) & comes forward (6), 
            ends coming in to set formation;
      5-8   Hands 4 L l/2 way, then I st Co cast as 2nd Co lead up.
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