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La Dame Francoise

1790 Cotillion Works well to Grenadiers Exercise (7x through)

   1st chance Grande ronde
A1      8 s.steps to Lt, balance Lt and Rt, Rig
A2         ------------Rt -------------------
   Chorus (Figure)
A1     / While Head couples fwd D and back
       \\ Side couples 4 steps to side and back
B2      W weave ring, in front of partner, behind next, etc. to home
   2nd change
A1      All face partner, balance Rt and Lt, Rig
        Turn partner Rt-hand
A2         --------------------------Turn Lt-h.
   Chorus M weave ring
   3rd change
A1      All face partner, ballance, Rt, Lt. Rig
        Turn partner 2-h clockwise
A2         -------------------Turn 2h c.c.
   Chorus B1 and B2, W weave ring
   4th change
A1      W 4 balances to centre, Rt, Lt, Rt, Lt
        Morelinet Rt-h to place
A2      M-------------------------------
   5th Change
A1      W as above into the centre, join hands and circle chasses back to place
A2      M as above
   6th Change
        Face partners, balance and rig
A1      allemande turn clockwise
A2      repeat, turning c-clockwise
   7th Change Grande ronde
   N.B. chasses should be Burque style, closing on first beat.

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