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Koepoort Galliard (1974, Pat Shaw)
4 couple square set, triple time

A1  6  Heads meet in center & turn out (men L, women R) to face sides

    6  Heads half figure-8 thru sides ending in opposite’s place
    6  Heads pass partners R-shoulder & turn-S 3⁄4 to face center (men
       L, women R)
    6  Heads change places w/ opposite, passing R-shoulder & turning
       outward away from partner (men L, women R), fall back into
       original places passing R-shoulder w/ partner

A2 24 Sides repeat A1 from side places

B1 6 All L-hand turn w/ corner

    6  Heads R-hand star halfway while sides R-hand turn w/ partner
    6  All L-hand turn w/ new corner
    6  Sides R-hand star halfway while heads R-hand turn w/ partner

B2 6 All gypsy L-shoulder w/ corner

    6  All back-to-back R-shoulder w/ partner
   12  Women R-hand star in center, pass partner, pick up next man
       w/ inside hand and all double star on to man’s original place,
       men wheel new partner round
   Repeat w/new partner as above, then twice w/ sides leading A1 & B1, and
   heads leading A2


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