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Patricia Early, 1982
Formation: Longways set of 4 couples
Music: Teddy Bears' Picnic A, B & C or similar 4 x 64 bar jig
(dance unphrased)

   1-4      Lines advance and retire.
   5-8      Lines advance and cross over.
   9-16     Single cast on opposite side from top, ladies cross in
            front of partner at top  all cast to bottom and come up center of set to place,
            holding inside hands.
   1-8      First lady turns 2nd man (2 hands right shoulder), 
            turns 3rd lady (left arm),
            turns 4th   lady (2 hands right shoulder).
   9-16     First man turns 2nd lady (2 hands  left shoulder ), turns 3rd man
            (right arm), turns 4th lady (2 hands left shoulder).
   1-12     First couple double strip the willow from bottom to top of set.
   13-24    First couple lead into circular reel, ladies anti-clock- wise, men clockwise.
   25-32    First couple cross and cast to bottom of set. 
            Others finish chain and turn or swing partners. finishing on own side
            Repeat 3 times.
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