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(JOHN WALSH - 1710)

Longways, triple minor 2/4 (AAB)

   A1  1-4      1st Cpl: set & cast down to 2nd place 
                (2nd move up)
       5-8      1st & 2nd Cpls: circl L once round 
                (slip steps)
   A2  1-4      1st Cpl: cast down in 3rd place & 
                slip between them back in 2nd place 
                while 3rd lead up & cast back home
       5-8      1st & 3rd Cpls: circl R once round 
                (slip steps)
   B1  1-8      2nd Cpl: long cast down to 2nd place 
                (1st move up / bars 3&4) and back 
                to back RSh (5-8)
       9-10     1st & 2nd Cpls: a single step to centre
                & a sngl back           
       11-14    1st & 2nd Cpls: RH across ½ way 
                & LH across back       
       15-16    1st Cpl: cast down to 2nd place 
                (2nd move up)
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