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The King's Maggot, or, New York

1718 Longways for six proper

   A1    9  First couple cross and cast below second couple
         3  First couple turns both hands below (end facing down)
   A2    6  First couple lead through third and cast up
         6  And turn both hands once. (Now in second place, proper.)
   B     6  First couple pass right and turn right hand corner
         6  First couple turn left
   B     6  First couple turn left hand corner
         6  First couple turn left
   C1   12  First man hey with third couple, first lady hey with seconds
   C2   12  Change ends and hey with other couple
   D     6  First couple back-to-back
            End facing third couple, as seconds face partner
        18  Whole-set hey, with extra change for first couple to 
            move to bottom


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