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(3/2 Purcell, Walsh 1719 – duple 1 step/beat)

        (Variation improper 1st couple)
   A1 1-2   Turn to neighbours, lead out and turn in
      3-4   Lead in, turn ptnr 1/2 way
   A2 1-2  Neighbours lead out, turn
      3-4  lead back, turn ptn 1/2 way
   B  1-2  hands 4 half way
      2-4  All clover leaf turn (2s up, 1s down)
      5-8  3 changes of circular hey with hands, 
           begin with neighbours

Kill Him With Kindness

Longways for as many as will

     A1   3   Turn with neighbor to face out.
          3   Lead out and turn to face in.
          6   Lead back, and turn partner half-way, both hands.
     A2  12   All that again (end in original place).
     B    6   Hands four halfway.
          6   Turn single away from partner (Second couple turn up, first down).
         12   Three changes of rights and lefts (no hands, start with neighbor).

Kill Him With Kindness

after 1726 duple minor, longways, 1's improper

Part  Bars        Description
A1     1        Neighbors lead out
       1        Turn alone and lead back
       2        Half gypsy with partner, changing places
A2     4        Repeat A1, leading to opposite wall, 
                and end in original place
B      2        Circle left 1/2
       2        Turn single (cloverleaf)
       4        Face neighbor up & down to start 
                3 changes of R & L with hands
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