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tune and dance by Naomi Alexander 1992.


A1 	(1-4) All circle L
     	(5-8) Circle balance in and out, Rollaway (M rolls L on his R across … Ptrs change places)
A2 	(1-4) All circle R
	(5-8) Circle balance in and out.  Rollaway (M rolls L on his R across … Nbrs change places)
	Cpls now progressed and crossed over
B1	(1-4) C1 lead up thru C2 and cast back
	(5-8) double half figure 8 to form a line of 4 facing up: 
		(C1 cross up onto ends of line as C2 casts down and crosses up to middle—> L1 M2 L2 M1
		All on own sides, C1 on ends, C2 in middle
B2	(1-4) lines of 4 lead up a double, set R & L
	(5-8) lines of 4 fall back; C1 cast down as C2 lead up and cloverleaf turn away 
        (C1 could finish with cloverleaf turn also if they were fast enough…)
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