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Joint Effort

Chis Sackett and Brooke Friendly 2000
Duple Minor Longways
Tune: Joint Effort

AA     Interrupted rights and lefts:
Al 1-2 partners change R-hand, neighbors change L-hand
   3-4 Partners, R-hand turn once round
A2 1-2 Neighbors change L-hand, partners change R-hand
   3-4 Neighbors L-hand turn once round (all home)
Bl 1-2 2nd diagonals change passing L-shoulder and turn over L-shoulder to face
       while 1st diagonals ease out of neighbor turn and change passing L-shoulder
   3-4 L-hands across halfway round and turn single over R-shoulder
B2 1-2 2nd diagonals change passing R-shoulder and turn over R shoulder to face partner
       while 1st diagonals elongate the turn single and change passing R-shoulder to face partner
   3-4 Partners R-shoulder half gypsy and fall back

Music: Joint Effort by Chris Sackett, 2006
Teaching Point:
In A2 you reverse your path from Al.
Chris used the traditional slip jig The Hip Doctor as the basis for his tune Joint Effort. With that foundation what else would you title a dance that was a collaborative venture?

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