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Jenny Pluck Pears

3 couple round

   Hands-6, 8 slips L; set and turn single. Slip back; set and turn single.
   1st man puts partner in by R hand, then 2nd man the same, then 3rd; 
   all honour (women stand back to back in centre).
   Men skip round clockwise, then back anticlockwise. 
   Men (in turn) take partners out by L hand; all honour.
   Side; set and turn single. Repeat.
   Women put men in by L hand; all honour.
   Women skip round men clockwise, then back anticlockwise. 
   Take men out R hand; all honour.
   Arm R; set and turn single. Arm L; set and turn single.
   Men put women in etc. as in first part.
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