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      Jefferson's Reel.
      Traditional (aka Jefferson & Liberty); from Carol Ormand longways, duple proper.
      Tune: Mouth of the Tobique/Réel des Jeunes Mariés/Réel de Montréal, Choose Your Partners!
      Circle Left one time around (8)
      Circle R one time around (8)
      Star Right (8)
      Star Left (8)
      1st Couple cast down (8)
      Turn around, come back (8)
      1st couple center of line to a line of 4, go down the hall and back (6)
      1st couple make an arch, pull 2nd couple through (2)
      On to the next

Jefferson and Liberty

Circle L- Circle R
Star R- Star L
1st couple slip down the center, back up, cast to second
Four changes Rights and Lefts
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