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Jack's Health

   Longways for as many as will
     A1   8   First couple cross and go below, second couple move up.
     A2   8   First couple turn partner 2 hands (Now improper).
     A2   8   Back to back with your contrary.
     A2   8   Fall back taking hands with contrary; set to partner.
     B1   8   Come forward with contrary, turn single away.
          8   Two changes of right-and-left (hands).
     B2   8   Complete right-and-left
          8   All turn partner two hands (C1 1.5 turns, C2 1 turn)

The dance was done to a tune from the early 1700s that usually has the same name, but now is usually danced to the tune “Bolt the Door”. The Hold the Mustard CD has a popular version.

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