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AABB Version

A1          Take hands 4, all step set 2X to L & R
            1M and 2W turn 2 hands to places
A2          repeat and 2nd corners turn
B1  1-4     All move up set and face own wall (1/2 turn away from partner)
            take inside hands on sides for assisted cast up to progress
    5-8     All move down and set and 1st couple assisted cast up to
            original places
    9-16    1st couple cross and cast down, 1/2 figure of 8 up thru 2s
            who lead up
B2  1-8     Face partner, 4 changes circular hey with hands
    9-16    Ballroom hold, 1s and 2s dance round each other

AAB version

IRISH LAMENTATIONS (N. Broadbridge, Walsh 1735 duple 3/4) Recording:

A1       1st corners set twice R & L (fwd and back)
         and turn 2 hands
A2       2nd corners same
B   1-8  C1 cast and whole fig. 8 up through C2 (M hand
         W across in front of him) C2 move up at end
    9-16 4 changes of circular hey with hands 
         (1 bar, 3 steps per hand) 
         All turn partners 2H
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