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The Indian Queen

As in “The Playford Ball” (Playford, 11th ed. 1701)

   Duple Minor Longways
   A1 1-4 1st corners set forward to each other, {{ |}}
          and turn single back to place. 
      5-8 The same turn two-hands once around. 
   A2 1-8 2nd corners repeat A1. 
   B1 1-8 All right-hands across and left-hands back. 
   B2 1-4 Partners back-to-back. 
      5-8 Circular hey, three changes, beginning with partner.
   The Indian Queen     Longways 
   1st corners set, turn single; and turn each other.
   2nd corners the same.
   R hands across; L hands across.
   Partners back to back; circular hey 3 changes, partners facing.

See an animation of this dance.

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