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Duple minor longways, 2/2, D Minor

   A1 1-4  1st couple right-hand turn halfway and cast down
          one place, 2nd couple moving up (3-4).
  A2 1-4  1st couple left-hand turn halfway and cast up one
          place, 2nd couple moving down (3-4).
  B1 1-4  Facing corner, all forward a double and fall back.
     5-8  All turn single right into circle left halfway.
  B2 1-4  1st corners change places;
          2nd corners the same.
     5-8  1st couple set, then cast down as the 2nd couple
          pause and lead up.

Recording: fast) for dancing)

Duple minor longways, 2/2, D Minor
The Dancing Master, Vol. 2, 1st Ed. (Young), 1710. The Fallibroome Collection, Bernardi Bentley, edited by Nicolas Broadbridge (EFDSS), 2010.

B1 5-8: These are relatively quick moves: a turn single in four counts moving directly into a circle halfway, also in just four counts.
A simple dance where the interesting phrasing of the music gives it character and drama, letting all the movements be emphatic and distinct.

Source: By Request, The English Dance collection Vol 7
Sticker Number: OECDC 2016 - 6 (CD -5)


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