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Fried de Metz Herman 1990

tune by Handel

   Part    Beats    Description
   A1    8    1st corners R-H turn, end in center of set
         8    1st gent loop around gent above, as 2nd 
              lady loops around lady below, passing by 
              L-shoulder, to place.
   A2    8    2nd corners L-H turn, end in center of set
         8    1st lady loop around lady above, as 2nd 
              gent loops around gent below, passing by 
              R-shoulder, to place.
   B1    8    W/partner, back-to-back and turn single R to 
              face out, into …
         8    R-shoulder face-en-face w/partner. Stay facing 
              out, to …
   B2    8    Take inside hand w/nbr and lead away [[4]] and wheel 
              around to face in, dancer on R moving forward [[4]]
         8    W/partner, R-shoulder gypsy and turn single L.


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