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I care not for these ladies

circle mixer. Men had partner on RHS


Part I

A    1-8    Slipping circles to the left and back to the right.
B    1-4    Face current partner, set, and turn single.
C    1-8    Partners right-hand turn halfway and acknowledge;
            left-hand turn next person halfway and acknowledge;
            two-hand turn the next person all the way around; 
            this is your new partner.

Part II

A    1-8    Current partners side-by-side (Shaw) siding right and left.
B    1-4    As in Part I.
C    1-8    As in Part I.

Part  III

A    1-8    Arming current partner R and then L
B    1-4    As in Part I.
C    1-8    As in Part I.

Music: Track 10, Bare Necessities, Simple Pleasures

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