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Gary Roodman, New Friends
Music: Branle de Cheveaux (T. Arbeau)
Recording: New Friends Track 1

Duple minor improper

   A1  1-4  S&TS
       5-8  2 changes Rights and Lefts (to partner)
   A2  repeat A1 from here
   B1  1-4  (form lines of 4) C1 cast down 1 place, 
             into middle, mirror TS up to end facing down, while
            C2 lead up and cast away onto end of line  
            (M2 W1 M1 W2 facing down)
       5-8  Lines fall back and come forward
   B2  1-4  Progress: Middles (C1) face end and gypsy  
            about 1.25 on men's side, .75 on women's side
       5-8  To meet new nbr and 2 hand turn 1* to end 
            facing partner.
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