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Hop Pickers' Feast (Thompson 1786)

   Longways for 3 couples
   A1        1-8        1st Cpl set R & L, then set to 2nd lady and circle 3 left
   A2        1-8        Repeat with 2nd man
   B1        1-8        1st Cpl cross, go round 2s, cross again, go round 3s and 
                   meet at the bottom
           9-16        1st Cpl lead to top, cast below 2s and turn single,
                   2s moving up
   B2        1-8        1s and 3s circle left and back
           9-16        1s and 2s R&L through and back (4 changes)
                   and 1s move to bottom (3s up) to finish
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