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The Hole in the Wall From “The Playford Ball”

   Duple Minor Longways
   A1  1-4 1st couple cast down, move around 2nd couple 
           and lead up center to place. 
   A2  1-4 2nd couple cast up, move around 1st couple 
           and lead down center to place. 
   B   1-2 1st corners change places, falling back on last three steps. 
       3-4 2nd corners the same. 
       5-6 Circle four-hands half-way around. 
       7-8 1st couple cast down one place, 2nd couple moving up.
   fnr: holewa2        $        HOLE IN THE WALL B (1721 Playford, duple, slow)
   Another version
   HOLE IN THE WALL (1721 Playford, duple, slow)
   A1 C1 long cast around 2s and lead up to place (2s stay still)
   A2 C2 long cast up around 1s who stay still
   B  1st corners change (step in, pass, fall back)
      2nd corners change 
      4 hands half way 
      C1 drop hands with each other, rest hold on, C1 cast pulling
      C2 through the hole in the wall.

Hole in the Wall

                Longways for as many as will
   A1   12  First couple cast down, and lead up the middle
   A2   12  Second couple cast up, and lead down the middle
   B     6  First corners changed and fall back to place
         6  Second corners the same
         6  Circle half-way
         6  First couple cast, second lead up

The Hole in the Wall Longways, Triple time

   1st couple cast down and lead back.
   2nd couple cast up and lead back.
   1st corners cross; 2nd corners cross.
   Hands-4 half way round; 1st couple cast down while 2nd couple lead up.

See an animation of this dance SvgLogoSmall.png.

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