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Hey Baby Hey

Brooke Friendly and Chris Sackett 2007
Longways for Three Couples
Tune: Hey Baby Hey

Al 1-4 2s R shoulder half hey across set with couple on left
   5-8 2s L-shoulder half hey along the side.
A2 1-4 2s R shoulder half hey with couple on left
   5-8 2s L shoulder half hey along the side (all end home)
Bl 1-4 Top 4: 2nd diagonals change, 1 diagonals change
   5-8 Top 4: partners R hand turn once and a half
B2 1-4 Bottom 4 (1s and 3s): those on 2" diagonal change, those on 1st diagonal change
   5-8 Bottom 4; Partners R hand tarn once and a half (new #3R turn over
       [shoulder out of the turn to get into the hey)

Music: Whatever You Like by Jonathan Jensen, 2007
Teaching Points:
AA Hey sequence See diagram on page 36. The 2s make a serfs of loops always ending in 2nd place (first on partner’s side, again on partners side, then home, and again at home); the loops should be nice and round. #2R goes between bottom couple, up partner's side, between top couple and down own side while #2L goes between top couple, down partner's side, between bottom couple and up own side.
B1 and B2 diagonal changes: the first change in BI works nicely passing L-shoulder; all others should be by R-shoulder.
In B2 bars 1-2, #1 on 2nd diagonal is the same person who crossed first in the top foursome.

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