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Helene's Gavotte

Gary Roodman 1975 In Fast Friends (OED collection #065)
Proper triple minor longways dance G Minor, 4/4.

A 1-2 1st couple cast to second place, as 2nd couple moves up.
  3   1st couple turn right halfway (staying close to one another), 
      as 2nd and 3rd couples move in to meet partner at
      the last moment, and taking hands along lines. 
  4   All fall back.
  5-6 All turn single right.
  7-8 Partners turn right halfway (again staying close), and
      then forming lines of three, fall back.
  [Couples are in 2, 1, 3 order, with 2nd and 3rd couples improper]

B 1-2 INVERT THE LINES: Cast to the left to invert the lines,
      2nd woman (who is at the top of the “men’s” line) and
      3rd man (who is at the bottom of the “women’s” line) in
      the lead.
  3-4 Circle six right halfway.
  5-8 1st man move up the set into a full hey for three with
      2nd couple, while 1st woman move down the set into a
      full hey for three with 3rd couple. At the last moment,
      1st couple two-hand turn halfway and begin again.

Tune “Gavotte” from The Flute Master, edited by E. Doflein and N. Delius (1975). NOTES
Al 5:6 Because this turn single is so long (8 counts) it's essential to make it as large as possible.

This dance was written in honor of Helene Cornelius’s 75th birthday. It is an expansive dance and needs room to be enjoyed. Emphasize for dancers how the phrasing of the dance and the phrasing of the tune fit together, since there is plenty of music in which to do each figure.

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