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THE HAPPY PAIR or the Royal Wedding

(1733 Fall 3) (long 3 couples)
Johnson 1733 Bernard Bentley in 1977.
3 couple longways dance.

A1  1st M foot it and 1st C cast 1 place
    1st M foot it and 1st C cast to bottom
A2  1st couple lead up to top, foot it, cast 1 place
B1  1st couple set twice to 2nd W and 3 hands round
B2  same to 2nd M
A3  1st C between 2W, lead out line of 4, lead back
    1st C 2 hands 1/2 way
A4  Same with men
B3  1st C hey on opposite sides (cut out & down)
B4  heys on own sides, 1st C cutting again. Make extra
    pass to bottom at end.


Anne, daughter of George II, was married in 1734. But since the date of the work is uncertain that might not be relevant.

<GENRE: Playford>

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