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THE HAPPY PAIR (1733 Fall 3) (long 3 couples)

   A1  1st M foot it and 1st C cast 1 place
       1st M foot it and 1st C cast to bottom
   A2  1st couple lead up to top, foot it, cast 1 place
   B1  1st couple set twice to 2nd W and 3 hands round
   B2  same to 2nd M
   A3  1st C between 2W, lead out line of 4, lead back
       1st C 2 hands 1/2 way
   A4  Same with men
   B3  1st C hey on opposite sides (cut out & down)
   B4  heys on own sides, 1st C cutting again. Make extra
       pass to bottom at end.

<GENRE: Playford>

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