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The Happy Dance, or a Chase for Martha


For Martha Kloper and Chase Eozzo, a happy dance for the happy couple. Choreography: Sharon Green, 2014 Tune: The HappyDance, by Jonathan Jensen 2014 Duple minor longways

A1 1-8	Dolphin Hey: Ones acting as a unit dance a left-shoulder hey 
        for three across the set with the Twos. Initially 1st Woman 
        is in the lead, with 1st Man taking the lead on the way back, 
        and 1st Woman finally cutting across the set to end in her 
        home position in the women's line.
A2 1-2	Partners, set
   3-6	Partners swirl siding
   7-8	All turn single
B1 1-2	Ones, cross straight across (right-shoulder), face down
   3-4	Neighbors in line, Hole-in-the-Wall cross
   5-8	Ones, ½ figure 8 up
B2 1-2	The same foursome, take hands-four and go four slips to the left
  3-4	Still in the ring, set right and left
  5-6	Go four slips back to the right
  7-8	Releasing hands, Ones set forward to face down, while Twos set 
  backwards, ready to hey with the next couple.

[Last time, all simply set to their partners] Note: In place of the Dolphin Hey, the first couple can take hands in a skater's hold and, acting as a unit, dance a straight hey for three across the set with the second couple. At the end of this variant, the 1st Man simply hands his partner across the set into her home position in the women's line.


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